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An incidental finding on a knee radiograph
 · There are multiple well defined sclerotic foci within the bones (), in keeping with a diagnosis of osteopoikilosis (“spotted bone disease”). Fig 2 Anteroposterior radiograph of the left knee, with white arrows pointing out multiple well defined sclerotic foci distributed symmetrically around the joint
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Musculoskeletal “don’t touch” lesions: pictorial essay

They are sclerotic foci that extend to the bone trabeculae, which gives them spiculated margins (). Due to their high calcium content, they present marked hypointense signals in all MRI sequences. Although small bone islands should not be confused with malignant sclerotic lesions, they merit invasive investigation if they show accelerated growth, defined as a ≥ 50% increase in their diameter
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The Sclerotic Vertebral Body
A VARIETY of disorders can produce increased radiodensity, or sclerosis, of one or more vertebral bodies. Such sclerosis can involve (1) the entire vertebral body in a uniform fashion, (2) the superior or inferior surface, or both, (3) the vertebral margins, or (4) the interior of the bone. In each
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Bone Island
(Left) Thoracolumbar anteroposterior radiograph demonstrates sclerotic focus within the lower thoracic vertebral body, adjacent to the pedicle. There is characteristic nonaggressive appearance with sclerotic density and brush-like margins that suggest bone island.
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Sclerotic focus of vertebrae
What does sclerotic changes mean? What exactly sclerotic changes seen ! It is cancer ? Narrative vertebra.The alignment of lumbar spine is within normal limits. The conus medullaris terminates at hello, we have been informed that a sclerotic lesion has been identified in the cortical region of the braincan you give me.some.guidance in what this might be..what is it made
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A Puzzling Case of Painful Sclerotic Pelvic Lesions

 · Today I want to describe an interesting case I saw recently. A 45-year-old woman came to me with painful sclerotic lesions in her right pelvis for about 6 …
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There are no other new foci of increased activity. There is a stable focus of increased activity at the base of the left frontal sinus corresponding to a sclerotic lesion seen on prior radiograph of the paranasal sinus most consistent with an osteoma.
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Sclerotic definition is – of, relating to, or affected with sclerosis. How to use sclerotic in a sentence. Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective In the twenty-first century, however, this long self-exile to the sclerotic daycare system of Britain’s aristocratic society topped by …
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A 31-year-old white man with a sclerotic lesion of L1
 · The bone scan sclerotic multiple myeloma may show a localized area of increased radiotracer uptake, or a “superscan” similar to that of diffuse metastatic disease (6). MR images typically have decreased signal intensity on T1-weighted and T2-weighted images, whereas classic, lytic multiple myeloma has decreased signal intensity on T1 and increased signal intensity on T2 (3).
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Radiological review of skull lesions
 · These lesions may coalesce into larger osteolytic segments. The disseminated form with diffuse osteopenia is less frequently encountered in the skull. Similarly, CT will show multiple lytic foci without a sclerotic rim [2, 5, 6, 40, 42]. Plasmacytoma, which2, 40].
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Bone Metastases – Lytic versus Blastic
 · Bone metastases: Sagittal CT of the thorax in bone windows shows multiple sclerotic and lytic foci within the thoracic spine vertebral bodies (arrows). This patient had metastatic lung cancer to the bones. Bone metastases are classified as either blastic or lytic:
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innumerable tiny sclerotic foci throughout many of the imaged bones. However, the vertebral bodies and ribs were not noted to have any lesions. DIAGNOSIS >Osteopoikilosis. The differential diagnosis includes osteoblastic bone metastasis
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Otosclerosis is a condition of the inner ear where one or more foci of irregularly laid spongy bone replace part of normally dense enchondral layer of bony otic capsule in the bony labyrinth. This condition affects one of the ossicles (the stapes) resulting in hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo or a combination of symptoms.[1][2] The term
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CT of Rib Lesions : American Journal of Roentgenology : …

CT scan shows fracture of posterior aspect of left first rib, with smooth sclerotic margins of reactive bone indicating nonunion, and no evidence of metastasis. View larger version (74K) Fig. 8 — Pancoast tumor in 67-year-old man.
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Sclerotic adenomyosis: a case report
Sclerotic type of adenomyosis with endometriosis foci within leiomyomatous tissue. Haematoxylin and eosin stained specimens. ×10 magnification Download (628KB)
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Sclerotic Lesions of the Mandible and Maxilla: A Radio …

Sclerotic Lesions of the Mandible and Maxilla: A Radio-Pathological Review, 1035NR-e, 3103158, Timothy Peacock MBBS, Abstract: HTML This educational exhibit aims to illustrate the range of sclerotic abnormalities that may affect the mandible and maxilla.
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Multiple sclerotic foci in an infant or child
Multiple sclerotic foci in an infant or child A bone is a rigid tissue that constitutes part of the vertebrate skeleton in animals. Bones protect the various organs of the body, produce red and white blood cells, store minerals, provide structure and support for the body